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Meet Mayra 

I'm so glad you've found yourself here, thank you Universe for connecting us!


 When you think of reincarnation, you may believe that you have had many lifetimes in different historical timelines. When your soul enters the 3D world (Your body today) it can also project itself out into other lifetimes & timelines.  Through Hypnosis, you can access those other lifetimes easily.  Exploring a past life can heal  current day trauma, fears and anxiety. There may also be energies attached to your physical body, creating problems in your life today.   


I was certified as a Hypnotherapist (CHt Hypnotherapist) and Past Life Regression Therapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy in 1999.  I have enjoyed regressing hundreds of clients and groups throughout the years.  I am also a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Level 2 practitioner, certified under Dolores Cannon QHHT Official. Once you experience your higher self through a QHHT® session, you will become aware of that "all knowing" part of yourself.  My goal is to empower you in your current life journey with clarity, passion and purpose that exists within you after a regression session.

Whether you're just curious about Past Life Regression, Life between Lives session or going deeper with Quantum Healing Hypnosis or scheduling a remote Soul Ascension Session (my own method developed over the years) all that is required is an open mind on your end and I will be happy to guide you through the rest.

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Our souls uncover the memories stored in the subconscious


We have all lived multiple lives

Choosing the right session for you is important. Whether you are just starting out in your journey or if you looking for a more advanced hypnosis session.  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) is an amazing journey of your consciousness and through this experience you will find that all answers and healing lie within you.  Developed by Dolores Cannon, students of Dolores who have learned her technique and practice it with their own clients, conclusively support the finding that we have all lived multiple lives and we all have a Higher-Self  which contains the answers to any question we may have about ourselves or the life we are living.  There have been many modalities that have expanded beyond QHHT.  QHHT is only offered as an in-person appointment.  This is why I developed my own technique called "Soul Ascension Hypnosis" which takes the benefits of QHHT but expands it to offer experiences with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Channeling, Light Language, and Reiki.  Enjoy exploring the menu of services!


"What if you could get the answers you’ve always wanted to know about your own life from the best source possible….your higher self!? Today we talk with Mayra Rath, a certified QHHT® and Past Life Regression practitioner, and we find out exactly how this is done. In fact, Samantha recently had a session with Mayra and dishes out some of the details from her past life regression experience."

QHHT and Past Life RegressionThe Woke AF Podcast
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"Mayra, you are a true professional. This was my first experience with Past Life Regression and I had no idea what to expect. I had watched videos and heard stories from others who had done it but was mostly excited to try it. Once our session started you walked me through what to expect and away we went! I learned about 3 past lives. It was fascinating! I felt like I was watching a movie. At the end, you welcomed me back and we went over all the memories I had seen. I appreciate that you sent me a copy of the recorded video. I would absolutely recommend anyone wanting to have this done. You made me feel so comfortable and it was very informative. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Nicole C.
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