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Your Journey through

time and space


We’ll spend some time getting to know each other and your reasons for wanting this experience. We’ll talk about how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation to let go and allow yourself to have the experience. We’ll talk about your life’s journey and go over your list of questions. Your list of questions is relevant to QHHT & Soul Ascension Hypnosis sessions only. 

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Once we start the hypnosis process you’ll be under for about two hours or a little longer (Advanced Sessions) . For a Past Life Regression (1 hr.-90 mins) This part of the session is recorded for you as people remember varying amounts. While in this deep state of relaxation you will be guided through 1-3 past lives (depending on what session you have) or other experiences your soul has had.   Either way your Higher Self is lovingly taking you to the place where your questions and issues began. You will always be taken to where healing, understanding and closure can be received. 


Once we are finished with this part, Mayra will gently access your Higher Self or Higher Aspect of you (advanced session) to answer your list of questions and to scan your body to heal and repair issues that are known and sometimes unknown. We more commonly know this Higher Self aspect of us as our intuition or gut feeling. And it does speak through us but rarely is acknowledged. We all have those moments of clarity where the most perfect words spill through and make perfect sense. Allowing the stream of consciousness called your High Self to use the gift of your voice is truly beautiful and amazing. Mayra will gently count you up and will discuss with you what occurred and what you remember. 


By the end of a session, one thing is for sure, you will not be the same person full of questions that you were at the beginning of the session. It’s common for clients to come out of session with a look of awe and wonder of now knowing the answers to all their questions and to have healing of their body.  That is the beauty of connecting in such a deep and profound way.  You are gently guided into a very deep state of hypnosis (theta) where you have access to that bigger part of you that knows all the answers!  This is a multi-dimensional experience and once having it you should have clear understanding of how to maintain this connection to your High Self in your quiet time, meditation or theta state. 

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